Art Specifications

Thank You For Using Ribbons Galore

If you're looking to create a custom ribbon with your own logo or image - congratulations! You've found Ribbons Galore, and now you are well on your way to getting a high quality customized ribbon with our online ribbon designer! This page will help walk you through some tips to get the glorious results in a snap.

Within the Ribbon Designer you have the ability to upload your own images to include in your Custom Ribbon design. Add your own logo, emblem, picture or mascot image and create your custom work of art! The quality of your logo on the finished product will be directly related to the artwork you provide, so follow these guidelines to get the best results. Please make every effort to provide us with high quality digital artwork, it'll pay off in the end, trust us.

Images that are 100% black and white at 300 dpi will produce the best results. Please be aware that we cannot print images that include shading or multiple colors.

Please review these guidelines when preparing artwork for ribbons.

  • Artwork should have clean, sharp, crisp solid black lines on a white or transparent background.
  • Gray tones and shaded in areas will be auto corrected when uploaded
  • When uploading text the type must be clean and sharp, not fuzzy or blurry
  • Font should be sized at 10pt or larger.
  • Artwork that has less detail will print better. Less is more!
  • You can scale your image to the desired size in the Ribbon Designer.
  • Optimal starting image size is about 2 inches and 300 dpi.

Acceptable file formats include PNG, GIF, JPG, and BMP.

Minor adjustments to your art work are included in the cost for custom ribbons. If the image supplied requires significant alterations, additional artwork fees and delays in production will be quoted within 1 business day. In this case on our friendly ribbon experts will get in touch with you to make sure your ribbon design provides the best results. If your design needs some extra help, visit the -Design Assistance- page for details about how we can help.


Poor Sample

Poor and low quality images produce poor, low quality imprint. Please keep that in mind.
Shaded Sample

The hot foil stamping process is unable to reproduce any sort of shading.
GOOD Sample

Clean, black and white images offer the best result with hot foil stamping.


Materials provided to Ribbons Galore for use in producing ribbon products must be in compliance with all trademarks, copyright, patent, or related laws or acts and are the responsibility of the customer. The customer assumes full responsibility for all claims and/or litigation arising from alleged infringement of licenses, patents or copyrights on any requested design or copy. Ribbons Galore reserves the right to request written confirmation of your use agreement.