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Our Story

How We Got Started

1995 - Joe and Kim Gluvers purchased Ribbons Galore
In the fall of 1995 Joe and Kim Gluvers purchased Ribbons Galore and eagerly started modernizing equipment and updating production methods. Our desire was to offer a customer-focused level of service that can only come from a family-owned business who really love what they do.

1997 - In the winter of 1997 we printed our first catalog.
Now ribbons were a little easier to buy and could be purchased by a larger market of customers. The word was out and we continued to grow.

2001- Website 1.0 launched!
In 2001 we launched our first website with basic online ordering and a limited product line. This basic ordering ability brought our company considerable success. A dream was born to create a fully functional website for ordering ribbons, and we chased that dream hard for the next several years.

2004 - Website 2.0
In 2004 we released our second version of the website complete with ability to order custom ribbons online. This was a huge step for our business, and a huge improvement in convenience for our customers who had been waiting for (and requesting) this cutting edge feature. Now Ribbons Galore products were easy to browse, buy and customize!

2011 - Website 3.0
With the release of our new state of the art website and online ribbon designer we are pleased to know that we will deliver your ribbons just as you envisioned with our online design tools and instant preview. We are inspired by the creativity we see from custom orders, and are constantly being surprised by what people come up with. We know firsthand - the possibilities really are endless!

Even though our product is now available everywhere, we continue to offer exceptional customer service and a true desire to give you the best buying experience possible. We hope you enjoy the website and are inspired as well!